An accountant (who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) explains ways to get hold of commercial accounts and exactly how to identify the tell-tale signs of corporate tax-dodging. Before I address the goal of this article I would like to address two of the principal ‘criticisms’ of these who see nothing at all wrong with tax avoidance.

The first and most common complaint is the frankly rather puerile cry, “Tax avoidance is legal! It is tax evasion that is illegal”. It’s done for the same reasons – the non-payment of taxes! It used to be legal to own people as slaves; will which means that it was right or that people should have continued to tolerate it?

The second criticism is simple but even more important. I’ve often seen it shown on the blogs and articles of well-read economists and as such it is repeated as gospel. The criticism is that companies do not pay tax. It is only individuals that pay tax. I agree actually. Clearly all taxes levied eventually end up within the charge designed for goods and services and since folks are the finish of the purchasing chain it is individuals that pay the tax. However this is only fifty percent of the story plot. Firstly not absolutely all individuals purchase the same goods and services but all purchase the basics. That’s why VAT is a regressive tax, duh.

Secondly not all individuals carry the same burden of tax. It is pointed out by the right wing that the wealthy do pay more taxes than everyone else. Yes, they do as a single group when assessed against other solitary organizations. But let’s be clear those who own 80% of the wealth are not paying 80% of the fees and that is principally achieved by taxes avoidance.

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The mechanisms I will describe below are generally not available to mere mortals as if you or I. They might need a complex network of friends from privileged backgrounds and often cost thousands to create. It therefore only makes sense to stay away from the tax if you have at least hundreds of thousands cover.

Since the crash in 2008 the richest 1,000 individuals have seen their wealth grow by around £155 billion. You can bet they did not pay much in extra tax as a result. Much of the existing debate around tax has been reliant on others informing us of who’s ‘dodging’ tax.