Eric Killian was providing clients as an accountant – but he had no real brand, logo, website, or marketing! He came to us having watched countless PF videos. He was eager to find out about marketing, and video was his favorite way of learning. “I think I may have viewed every video PF ever released – webinar recordings, videos from Karen and Col, everything I possibly could find.

Video is my preference for eating content, because I could anywhere do it anytime and. When he came to us, Eric was planning on using the real name ‘Breathe First’. Eric have been dealing with yoga studios and some other fitness businesses and had an incredible opportunity with a huge potential client in the industry.

Thinking regarding a name for his new firm, Eric thought, “I wanted to take into account what actually mattered. It’s more than simply accounting and quantities: it’s about life. And you need to inhale first before you step on the yoga mat or do anything in life”. Eric got built an existence over the last 10 years, with three qualified accountants (CPA’s) doing work for him – but up til now he didn’t have the necessity for a brand or website. Now Eric experienced this substantial opportunity on his doorstep (and other opportunities too).

He noticed that without brand, website or online marketing, it might be difficult to position himself as the go-to accountant specializing in fitness studios. He realized his current name, Eric Killian, CPA, focused solely on himself. It didn’t highlight the amazing team he’d begun to construct, the larger picture he wanted, the impression he had a need to give new prospects. Eric treasured his work, but wished to also spend time with family and other activities outside of being the firm’s owner. He had a need to create a brand that could stand on its own without depending on him. So Eric was prepared to explore branding.

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The first step was an exploration of branding through the web branding workshop from PF. Coming up with a name: What would Eric’s new company be called? With Karen and Col Together, our Head Brand Designer we brainstormed the options and the limitations of the true name Eric was considering – “Breathe First”.

Would it show his experience with a variety of fitness studios or be restricting to only the yoga studio room market too? Eric was available to other ideas but wanted to ensure his brand wouldn’t be confused with a genuine yoga studio or gym – it would have to be clear that he was an accountant for the fitness studio industry.

Throughout the first workshop session, there have been several name ideas about thrown, but none of them were really hitting the tag. It was then that Eric said, “I wish to be the expert. The power. How do you show that with my name? I don’t simply want to be a CPA who works with fitness studios – however the one?