Modern Architecture 1

Function follows form

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Modern architecture’s staple design concept is “Form follows Function”. It originated in the late 19th century, when architect Louis Sullivan developed tall steel skyscrapers for the city of Chicago. Technological advancements and changes in tastes led architects to abandon traditional architectural styles in favor of more functional and artistic designs. Architects such as Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright espoused the idea that “form follows function” when creating buildings.

The Sullivan dictum does not always provide the most accurate definition of the concept. It is important to understand the difference between what form means and what it actually means. It is unclear whether Sullivan meant that form follows functionality in a literal sense, or if he was referring simply click the next web page to how an object functions.


Modern architecture is known for glass, which emphasizes transparency and openness. Glass can seem solid but it is very transparent. It can be used to open up spaces and expose structural elements. Glass has many advantages in architecture, including being energy efficient. Glass can also be used in architecture to enhance the building’s aesthetic value.

Glass has evolved over the years to offer a variety of remarkable properties. It is transparent and durable. It can be used for structural and decorative purposes. Non-crystalline glass can be made translucent or opaque and can even be modified for specific purposes.

Modern Architecture 2

Reinforced concrete

Modern architecture is marked by reinforced concrete used in the construction of buildings. Le Corbusier (a French-naturalized architect from Switzerland) reformed architecture with reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete is a type of concrete that contains steel fibers in the concrete, which helps the building resist pressure from various forces.

Reinforced concrete has revolutionized architecture. This allows for large spans without the need to arch. Steel reinforcing was used in many construction projects during the 1970s. These projects were often required by newly liberated nations, who had a pressing need for large-scale building.

Free-flowing space

Contemporary architecture is an exercise in shaping space in various ways, including through the use of composition and planes in space. Its focus on the structure of contemporary industrial society is evidenced by the fact that it no longer tightly confines space within its buildings. Instead, articulated volumes are inserted within the spaces they enclose to allow for space flow from the inside to out. Modern architecture makes use of composition. It is the process where many smaller volumes are combined into an overall composition.

Modern architecture embraces free-flowing space, and rejects excess clutter. This design is distinguished by large windows, functional designs, and a lot of light. This design was popularized throughout the 20th century. A new generation of architects resisted the idea of removing historical or natural elements from modern architecture. They came up with hybrid architecture styles and ideas to improve modern architecture’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier’s ideas influenced the architectural style of 20th-century. He was not only an accomplished architect but was also a writer, polemicist and urban planner. His style of architecture was highly functional and influenced the work of many contemporary architects. His designs are still found in many places around the world today.

Le Corbusier was a Swiss citizen, born in 1887. He quit school at 13 to study enamelling and engraving. He also studied art history. He studied the works of many of his mentors. He also traveled extensively throughout Europe studying architecture and art. When you have any kind of inquiries concerning where and exactly how to use geodesic dome houses, you can call us at our web site.