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We offer payment processing solutions for thousands of online and traditional businesses. We offer the highest quality merchant account services, at very competitive rates. Why is us stand out above the rest is our commitment to customer support. Our staff is professional and credible, and will help you in every step of just how as you create your product owner account. Every merchant differs and we recognize that.

So we design custom rate plans and services to fit your priorities and the way you run your business. We are here to ensure that you can offer every option of payment available to your customer while keeping your expenses as low as possible. Especially down the road when you need us we are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to give you customer care from our trained professionals whose knowledge and experience are unmatched on the market.

Obtaining and understanding the industry of credit cards processing is not easy and this website hopes to help you make an educated decision for the advantage of your business. We shall cover stuff like certified and non-qualified transactions, whether or not you should swipe cards or hand enter the info plus some different kinds of terminals, and how they can make your business more profitable.

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In order for a business to compete and profitable it needs to provide the customer with as many payment options as it can be. Because there is nothing worse than doing the steps needed to get a customer and a sale and then lose that sale because you do not take the proper execution of payment the customer selects to use.

Isn’t it better to pay several percentage points on a sale to a processor then to loose 100% of the sale? That is where we come in; we help provide you with the tools you need to ensure every one of your sales can be completed. We not only help merchants have the ability to simply accept Get better at and Visa Cards credit cards. But we are one of the only organizations that provide the same rates for Discover Card with the same application.

So you no longer have to worry about another program, extra fees or choosing to reduce from those customers. American Express is the other card that people can have processed for you but I really do admit there’s a separate application for your card. However the advantage to American Express is that of the transactions with that card are certified for the cheapest possible rates.

And of course we can assist you accept debit cards and also show you when it is cheaper to simply accept debit cards with a PIN number or accept it as a credit card. This secret by itself can save your company 17-20% on your product owner processing costs without even changing the pace structure. And did I mention that we can help to make it significantly less risky to accept checks. Well we will help you with that too.

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