This turned out lovely! I must make one for my mini-ironing board since that is the one I keep out on a regular basis. Thanks for the tute! Oh they’re pretty! Right now it is laundry – it is so sizzling and humid that the laundry will not dry. I have been taking a look at my ironing board and thought “i ought to lookup a tutorial on how one can make one!” and noticed your post!

I hope to win one! Anyway, the one household process I don’t love doing is taking out the trash. I hate cooking supper. I’d slightly clean the bathroom on daily basis as to cook. I truly like to vacuum. I should iron, it is a Karma. THIS Totally AND Completely MAKES MY DAY!

I am SOOO thankful to have you ever in my life. I do not wish to iron but I’d take it over cleaning the shower any day! I am totally putting off to make a new iron board cover. If I do not win I will diffidently make one out of your tute! I LOATHE cleaning the shower. If I wait long enough my hubby does it,,hehehe.

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Thats a fantastic board cowl. I like that you just used string instead of elastic. I’m a type of People who wash their fabric before utilizing it, my “delicate-as-a-peach” skin cannot handle the chemicals and I do not just like the fumes when pressing or ironing unwashed fabrics. But the one job that I feel is worse than ironing is .. I envy all of you on the market with a dishwasher! I like the cowl tutorial!

I actually have to exchange mine quickly. I really do not enjoy un loading the dishwasher. I’ll load the stinky dishes but I don’t like putting them away. I hate cleaning my bathroom.. This is a good tutorial, precisely what I need ! Thanks for the awesome tute! It got here out so fairly. I need a brand new one on my iron board that is FALLING apart..

My least favorite household chore.. LOL I must say.. Dealing with dirty dishes! Hate it, hate it, hate it! Thanks once more for the tute and the great give-away! What an attractive ironing cowl! Definitely will make me wish to iron! My least favourite family process is cleansing the bathroom, especially the tub and shower, yuck! What an excellent tutorial – I have been wanting to alter my ironing board cover for a while.

My least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms. Thanks for an excellent giveaway & a chance to win! I heart your new ironing board cover, Teresa! I need a prettyHarmony ironing board cowl too. But I’ll make my very own, as my board is not commonplace size. Thanks for the good tutorial.

Who knew an ironing board could look so beautiful? My least favourite chore is picking up the seemingly never-ending provide of toys, books, clothes, cups, whatnots, and doodads littered all through the home on daily basis. Thanks for sharing the ironing board tutorial, the fabric you used was adorable. I like to cook all our meals but I absolutely hate doing the dishes!