INSIGHT-China Probes Small Bank Or Investment Company Shareholdings As Risk Worries Persist 1

While nominally small, China’s numerous small city commercial banking institutions risk having outsized significance for their close ties to the rest of the bank operating system as well as with bigger shareholders, many of whom are huge companies. This month Earlier, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) asked banks plus some other financial companies for information on any investor accumulating stakes of 5% or more without required regulatory approvals. The regulator also asked the companies if they had disclosed all continuing business transactions with their main owners, regarding a regulatory notice seen by Reuters.

Regulators have also conducted spot investigations at some smaller banking institutions within the last two months to probe possible misuse of capital associated with shareholders and transferring of possession passions, said four people with direct understanding of the problem. The scrutiny comes amid concerns that some debt-heavy Chinese private companies have amassed considerable stakes in smaller banks without regulatory authorization and are using the lenders for their personal borrowings.

Andrew Collier, managing director of Hong Kong-based Orient Capital Research. Another risk is that some big shareholders have pledged their shares as guarantee for loans or other purposes such as acquisition capital or are buying opaque wealth management products, said another attorney who works together with the CBIRC. The pledging of shares can leave the bank vulnerable to a sudden shift in its possession – potentially even a change of control – if the shareholder forfeits the shares in struggling to settle the loans.

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The CBIRC didn’t respond to Reuters’ request for comment on its latest crackdown. The cultural people spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity because of the awareness of the matter. Within their seizure of Baoshang, by Tomorrow Holdings regulators cited improper and illegal use of significant bank funds, which held 89% of the Inner Mongolia-based bank’s shares. Beijing-based attorney, referring to shareholders’ borrowing from banks.

A second bank or investment company was rescued last weekend with three state-controlled financial firms agreeing to inject funds into Bank or investment company of Jinzhou. The total amount to be spent was not announced, however they shall take at least 17.3% in the troubled lender. The bank matters debt-laden Yinchuan Baota Refined Chemical Industry Co., a privately-run refining and petrochemical group, as you of its top three shareholders, relating to its 2018 interim record.

The chairman of Yinchuan’s parent was arrested in December 2018 for alleged scams. 29,027.58) enforced on Bank or investment company of Liuzhou by the CBIRC for breaking limits on loans to a single group. Large banking institutions in China, as elsewhere, have shareholders registers that have a tendency to read like as a fund manager who’s who.