THE WAY I Used Korean Skin Care To Treat My Hormonal Acne 1

Charlotte Cho is a Korean skin-care expert. A California native, Cho became immersed in the world of K-Beauty after moving to the South Korea after university to work for Samsung. Inspired by her encounters, four years later, she and her hubby, David, founded Soko Glam. Through the entire years with learning from your errors and knowledge, Cho has carefully honed her regular to treat her hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation effectively. In her own words, here’s what she’s learned and why it works. Despite the fact that I’m the co-founder of the skin-care start-up, I offer with acne too.

I’ve always acquired pimples here and there, but on the day of my 30th birthday I woke up to cystic, painful acne along my jawline. It’s been clockwork since. Every month, I get inflammatory acne on my chin that results in marks also. My skin concerns changed from reducing fine lines and brown spots to also battling hormonal acne. Hormonal and cystic acne may appear in anyone and it is more prevalent in adults than teenagers actually.

Fifty percent of women ages 20 to 40 are dealing with adult acne, based on the nonprofit organization, American Academy of Dermatology. They are caused by a combination of factors: bacteria, excess sebum, lifeless pores and skin cells and hormones. I’ve also discovered that my diet would greatly affect my breakouts. Month While on the Whole 30 diet last, I actually didn’t experience hormonal acne the whole time, and was able to concentrate on healing the marks previously left behind from my other hormonal breakouts.

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Through my very own skin-care journey, I’ve learned to create a holistic method of reduce my breakouts and has allowed these to recover faster as well. Here’s the skin-care program I’ve found to be the best for clear, bump-free epidermis. I started double-cleansing while i was 22 and just uncovered the world of Korean skin care after moving to Seoul from Southern California.

I never used to think about cleaning my skin regularly, let alone cleaning it double, a day two times! However, once I learned that oil cleansers deep-clean pores effectively, remove excess sebum and acne-causing bacteria, I had been sold. This cleanser is specially formulated with polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), a soft acid suitable for sensitive epidermis types, to gently exfoliate and help to keep my blackheads and inactive skin cells at bay. It removes all oil-based impurities such as makeup and pollution.

The tea tree essential oil in it also helps combat breakouts while jojoba, olive, grapeseed aloe and natural oils vera remove hydrate pores and skin. After I rinse off the oil cleanser, The Dr is utilized by me. Oracle A-Thera Cleansing Foam for my double-cleanse. Dr. Oracle is a well-known skin-care brand founded by dermatologists and bought from over 70 clinics in Korea for its effective results. This water-based cleanser foams into a wealthy lather and uses salicylic acid, green tea herb, and tea tree oil to deep-clean my skin pores and get rid of bacterias and excessive sebum that cause blemishes.