The Musings Of A NICU Mommy 1

The origins of this paper lie in a discussion between John Cantwell and John Dunning in April 2007, in which we decided to collaborate on the paper on an evolutionary theory of international business activity in a longer-term historical perspective. In October that same 12 months Sarianna Lundan joined up with the discussion, and we determined that we needed to focus as our central theme on the co-evolution of MNE activity and the institutional environment.

Her book represents it so superior to I ever could, but I’m going to share anyway. The author, Shelly Miller, was convicted about not resting on the Sabbath. Each day was active and life was taking over. God created a complete day of rest every week. He practiced it is showing us that it was important. I am busy always. Nope. I haven’t been.

But that will change. Weekend I work every other. Often my Sundays are spent in a busy intensive care unit and I come home exhausted, barely even recognizing that it was the Sabbath. Day to set aside I may not have a hole, but surely I can cancel plans and set aside a few hours every week to invest before God.

I can’t remember the last time I must say it took time for me. Time to fully stop and rest. Time to stop making lists and cleaning and planning and rest just. Today So, I blocked out the time to do that. I fell the small children off at college, a reserve off within my friends house, and I visited Starbucks with my Bible and study publication then.

It was amazing to spend a few hours reading and praying in a noiseless place. No housework to distract me. Just time for God to fill me with His peace and presence. Then off home to sit before my fire, in my own favorite chair, pay attention to the rain pouring down and remember to find out what God wants to show me.

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I am heading to begin choosing to take action. I’d like time and rest to permit God to fill me up. He wants to speak to us and inside our busyness of life we can’t listen. I wish to choose to take this time to rest and sit down at His foot and pay attention. God desires a closeness with each folks. He created us for a romantic relationship with Him.

He invites us to come and rest and deepen our understanding of who He could be and what He did. He there is always, waiting for us to put our busyness and hurried thoughts and lives aside. We must make the decision to avoid and rest and to be with Him. As I am on this journey to discovering what it means to find my Sabbath, God opened up my center to the idea that I can find Him and find rest irrespective of where I am.

My center was longing for Hartstone, but due to the fact I longed for the peacefulness and rest I thought I could find there. But God is here, in Santa Rosa, in my home, in my own heart. I need not live encircled by woods and channels and silent places for me personally to find my rest in God. I can create a Sabbath within my home, at Starbucks, in a local park. I just need to make the choice to stop the business and reserve that time to listen to my originator and rest. I am hoping and pray that maybe you will sign up for me in finding the joy and tranquility in rest.