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If you don’t pay attention to the styles, you will find yourself knowing too much about old stuff rather than enough about what is absolutely important. Spending money all the time on books would be ineffective for us, per 12 months as many books get renewed and improved two-three times, because of the industry fast improving so. In order to avoid spending so much money, you can always turn your attention to networks and communities on the internet.

If you consider it from another viewpoint, being part of design communities can get more helpful even. Try to look and remember how many frameworks back, resources and tools you’ve used – many of them provided by these communities. And try to keep in mind how many of them were cost-free. Now picture how enough time or money you would have to spend to use those ideas if you needed to develop them yourself or even to hire you to definitely take action for you.

And let’s move our attention to things that are not free. Even the superior resources are delivered very cheap compared to the market price; all this thanks to the design and development neighborhoods. WordPress, Boilerplate, CodeIgniter, Drupal, GIMP, Inkscape – how many times have you used these open-source tools? It could come as a surprise to you, but all of them were developed by these communities at some point or another. Now don’t misunderstand me, Today I am certain WordPress is a money powerhouse, but looking back in the past, it all started as a community project. Image by w Steven.

And to top it off, communities are helpful at something else as well – and that is probably the most crucial asset. Getting recommended there happens quite often and outsourcing happens most of the time inside these communities. Only if and after not finding someone suitable, freelancers use third-party websites to find individuals to utilize, everything starts off from communities like forums or blogs otherwise.

All folks can create our own communities or networks, but most of us prefer to use the ones already filled with experts and people with years of experience in the field. However, I am sure most of us start from sociable media. We talk about a lot of interesting links on Facebook and Twitter and it is probably where lone programmers or designers start. Websites are believed systems also.