My name is Trina, I’m an Irish mamma of two small boys, working in financial companies, with a severe behavior for stationery, paper, organizers, sewing, and fabric. I’ve blown sizzling and chilly with Filofax through the years but since having children I’m finding I use one on a regular basis now just because my reminiscence is so dangerous.

I solely discovered Philofaxy this 12 months although, and have discovered lots since then. I benefit from the interplay on the Facebook page and the data on the website however am attempting not to be tempted into buying any more Filofaxes as I am saving for a Van der Spek. 1. When did you purchase your first organizer and what was it?

I even have an older brown leather one branded ‘Moores of London’ which was made for a bank, I labored in banks so used to generally collect financial institution memorabilia. I also have a selected family health organizer which I got for recording all of the medical particulars of the kids and us, if I had considered it I might have used a leather-based A5 and bought the inserts!

5. What’s the oldest organized in your collection? Probably the Moores financial institution one although I don’t know the yr. 6. What do you employ your organizers for? One for diary/recording regularly appointments and info of my kids or home, they have a special colored pen every which works for me. One for work for notice taking and noting deadlines and many others, I take advantage of the outlook at work for conferences however the FF is for my own deadlines or small notes concerning ad hoc stuff. 7. What was the function about Filofax you like most? The number of styles, the interchangeability of sections and pages, the very fact I can keep a much liked outdoors and alter the inside anytime I like.

Or conversely swap outer covers and keep similar diary. Also there really feel, I like leather and fabric and they’re more sensible for me than having a big handbag assortment. 8. If you might design your own Filofax what would it function? 9. How do you carry your Filofax? The work one comes each day in my lunch bag, I never leave it at work in a single day in case the constructing burns down! The Akiko stays in a tiny pocket in my handbag and the remainder stay at dwelling.

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10. Which Filofax in the present range do you like the most? Are you going to buy it? I’m quite liking the electric blue Finsbury though that mannequin wouldn’t be my favorite usually, but I love the color. Also love the Charleston but I don’t want a compact, so I will not purchase that.

The patents put me off a bit due to finger prints and they do not have that leather really feel I love, so I most likely will not buy one from present vary right now. 11. What is the most you have got ever spent on a Filofax or other brand of organizer? The truth that any mannequin you need to research is on there somewhere, usually pictured to within an inch of its life, and reviewed intimately, it is a tremendous resource. 14. And what do you not like about Philofaxy? I probably would if there was one in Ireland however I probably wouldn’t fly for one. 17. What was the final film you watched? 18. What was the final of book you learn?

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