Elegance And Beauty 1

Style is personal – this is something that I am really beginning to acknowledge as truth! I’ve experienced a few interesting lamp moments recently and I wanted to talk about them with you. Style quizzes and studying your style type are ‘fun’ and worth it to learn about always. I love that Brooks Brothers speaks to all generations – there is certainly something so classic, crisp, and fresh about their informal wear – its simple, understated, yet really classic and elegant!

Of all the Brooks Brothers advertisements, that one is my most liked – I love the shirt dress that the model is wearing and how elegant it appears. I’ve always liked crisp collared t shirts, t-shirt dresses, and dresses/tops with 3/4 sleeves – Then add pearl earings and a vintage puma footwear and the effect is pure style!

My dream would be to drive through New England in the fall – I’ve noticed that the countryside is simply amazing this time around of year. I can just imagine myself with a camel jacket and orange headscarf just like what this model is wearing because of this Brooks Brothers ad! This is actually the perfect fall coat – informal enough for everyday as soon as again, very elegant! Brooks Brothers seems to really know how to capture a look that is the fact of both style and simpleness!

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Details are so important in clothing – the gown that this girl is wearing is so elegant and I love the open-back, collar fine detail in the back. I like how the rest of the dress is easy. I find that whenever shopping for dresses, often you find a dress that is too ‘active’ with details and then the elegance component is ‘gone’ – to me, the more simple a dress, the more elegant it is!

This look is easy and traditional – a simple turtleneck and pant combination, I wanted to include this Brooks Brothers ad because I love the model’s hair and makeup. I think this is the perfect representation of how the makeup is meant to look on a woman – classic, natural, the right colors, not over-done or too dramatic, soft and elegant. I also love the hair, flowing and soft, a sensational medium chestnut shade (complimentary to the models skintone and makeup shades) – I just get a sense of ‘ease’ after I ingest this whole look! Area of the reason that I really like taking a look at Brooks Brothers advertisements, is that I get great ideas for accessories and makeup.

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