Hidden Disney In 'Enchanted' 1

Disney’s ‘Enchanted’ swept the box-office over the last Thanksgiving weekend, which makes it one of top earners for a Disney live action movie. Did you know numerous referrals to Disney’s past and future works are contained in the film? A lot of scenes, actions, and dialogue were purposely included by the filmmakers to be specific references/tributes to traditional Disney movies. Like most Disney animations of yore (anything before about 1960), Enchanted starts with the opening of a storybook. The hall, the reserve is within is inspired by Evind Eryle’s artwork for Sleeping Beauty.

The ogre captured by Prince Edward wears a loincloth made from scraps of the dresses of Disney princesses. It’s made of the costumes of Snow White, Belle (Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast), Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. He also wears Ariel’s (THE TINY Mermaid) shell bra as earrings. Edward dances with his sidekick Nathaniel in the same way that Prince Philip danced along with his dad in Sleeping Beauty.

When the troll is catapulted into the next kingdom, his scream is Goofy. The rose in a bell jar from Beauty and the Beast is seen in Giselle’s tree house. Giselle and Edward trip into the sunset in the same way as Snow White and Prince Charming at the end of Snow White AS WELL AS THE Seven Dwarves. The Queen disguises herself as a vintage hag to key Giselle, in the same way the wicked Queen do in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The Queen attempts to kill Giselle with a poisoned apple, just as the Queen does in Snow White AS WELL AS THE Seven Dwarves.

During the film’s climax The Queen turns into a purple dragon, as Maleficent do in Sleeping Beauty just. The last name of the divorcing couple that Robert (Patrick Dempsey) is doing work for is Banks, in reference to the bickering husband and wife from Mary Poppins. Sam, Robert Philip’s assistant, is played by Jodi Benson, who voiced Ariel in THE TINY Mermaid. She is called Sam also, after Prince Philip’s trusty steed in Sleeping Beauty. A Muzak version of The Little Mermaid tune ‘Part of Your World’ plays at work while Giselle talks about the fish tank. Robert works for the law firm Churchill, Smith, and Harline.

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These will be the surnames of the songwriters of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline, and Paul J. Smith. A pregnant mum in Robert’s apartment building is played by Judy Kuhn, the tone of voice of Pocahontas. Giselle will come for her wedding in a carriage similar to the pumpkin carriage used by Cinderella.

Birds make Giselle’s dress into an apron, as birds placed on Cinderella’s apron in Cinderella. Giselle’s representation appears in bubbles as Cinderella’s do in Cinderella. Animals wash the laundry as they actually in Snow White. The ending mimics the endings of ‘Under The Sea’ from THE TINY Mermaid and ‘Be Our Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast.