What Is THE VERY BEST Commercial Real Estate Loan? 1

Commercial real estate and commercial real estate loans have a lot of “moving parts” and the approach that commercial lenders take is far not the same as those in home lending. What’s commercial mortgage planning? Which is the best loan? This relevant question came from Kiho Kim in Anaheim, California and, amazingly, doesn’t have an easy answer. When someone asks me that question, I understand that they’re probably centered on one thing: The loan with the lowest interest rate. Unfortunately, in commercial real property, this approach can finish up costing you a lot of money. When you get involved in commercial real estate, you feel involved in a more sophisticated approach to investing your cash.

Commercial real estate and commercial real property loans have a lot of “moving parts” and the strategy that commercial lenders take is much not the same as those in residential lending. When contemplating financing on a bit of an investment property, you have to approach the procedure with ”commercial home loan planning” at heart.

What is commercial home loan planning? It is a process where all areas of the loan are believed in the framework of the commercial real estate investors current collection, future collection goals, style of investment, and cash flow needs. Lets see how this works in a useful example and then use that example to further answer the initial question in the first paragraph.

Which is the best loan? On the face of it, the 30 credited in 10 is almost a full percentage point less in rate! Lets complete some more details and see if this analysis stands. The trader contemplating the loan can be an active real estate investor who buys properties that have vacancies or month to month tenants that are slightly run-down and looking for upgrades. He retains properties until re-tenanted, renovated, and then offers them to create cash for new buys in a 1031 Exchange to preserve his buying power.

In light of the information, the 30 due in 10 will be a horrible loan. Its likely that this investor would be ready to sell the property in the 3rd year to take advantage of the 1031 Exchange holding period and offer a stabilized leasing background to a fresh buyer. So how will this example answer our question: “What is the best commercial home loan?

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