Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen CC Cream In Light Beige N02 Review + Swatches 1

Here’s an assessment on Etude House Super Collagen CC Cream in Light Beige N02. Give some of these to those who’ll have significantly more use for this away. This CC Cream is the last part of the Moistfull Super Collagen skin care series. More about this long-wearing foundation on my blog! The merchandise comes in a simple acrylic bottle with a pump that basically controls the quantity of product that comes from it. Light Beige N02 is very light for my complexion, obviously, but at least it generally does not leave any odd cast since it has a yellow undertone. Work with a pressed natural powder with light coverage-the little extra coverage will cover in the streakiness.

Give it 5 minutes to settle because I then found out that the product kinda’ evens itself from your skin if given a little time. However, not everyone has the right time! Does this product really change to one’s own skin tone? Yes, it does, but only on those who belong to the fair-medium part of the spectrum. This product doesn’t have a good essential oil control so I won’t recommend it to extremely oily epidermis types, but remarkably, day without caking and adequate coverage will last pretty much the whole, lasting moisture to your skin. I only wear it on casual days, especially when it’s cool because regularity is semi-creamy and seems a lil’ heavy when the elements are warm. If you’ve got dried out or normal epidermis, this CC Cream will work fantastic for you!

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  • Monitor the water temperature when bathing, extremely hot temperatures can be drying as well
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  • Protect your skin layer from the harmful UV rays’ some primers have a sunscreen and SPF 15 or more
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Basically because I hate it’s tacky and sticky consistency, it’s a reflection on photos and it’s heavy feeling on the face. Luckily, You can find foundations and BB lotions with SPF in it! I use different foundations with respect to the current season or weather. Currently, I’m mixing REPLACE Ever’s Velvet Mat with Sephora’s 10hr wear Perfection Foundation.

MUFE velvet mat is very mat and came looking while Sephora’s 10hr is more of dewy end, you together mix two.I ended using the Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation because I believe it’s breaking me out and I do not like the coverage. I’m still looking for the perfect basis and if you think you have one please I want to know!

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