25 On The Lower Lash Line 1

For the sixteenth week of my seven days, one palette project, I decided to use my Frankenstein’s monster Morphe 35OS palette. So, this is actually a mixture of the Morphe 35OS, one Make Up For Ever shadow, and select shadows from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. And, frankly, that is simply too much damn shadow for just one palette. It’s not only ridiculous in conditions of size, but there are so many shadows that are repetitive in shade and the quality is not equal over the board. I’ve shared my Morphe story before, but essentially, I bought the 35T palette and wasn’t as disappointed in the product quality as I thought I’d be.

I experienced only seen very sponsored and affiliate link-filled reviews of the palettes that promised quality that was out of the world. And certainly I understood that was a lot of crap (and I still mainly believe that), however when I switched the palette in-store (there’s a merchant in NYC that sells Morphe), I had been impressed with the shimmer shadows.

The matter, however, were complete garbage. I ended up throwing most of the 35T palette in the trash (though I did save a few of the shadows) and swore I would never again buy Morphe. But then I then found out that they took the 35O palette and made a whole shimmer version of it. Since I actually quite liked most of the Morphe shimmer shadows, I made a decision to buy the 35OS. But, as I found with the 35T, only about half of the palette was good actually.

So I decided to take all the nice shades and combine them with depleted shades from my Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. Week as there have been way too many I did so not use every shadow in this palette last. But I did so use adequate them. Week Here are six looks I did last.

  • Lukewarm baths or showers rather than hot ones for 5 to 10 minutes only
  • 7 years back from Sweden
  • Healthy Fats
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat dry
  • Of course they can, that’s what they’re there for
  • Mousse or Whipped Foundation
  • 2 drops petitgrain oil

9 on the lid, 8 combined into the crease, 19 padded onto the outer corner, 2 on the internal corner, and 1 on the brow bone. 19 on the lower lash range. 16 on the lid, 14 blended into the crease, 8 blended above the crease, 17, and 23 cushioned onto the outer corner, 3 on the internal part, and 1 on the brow bone. 17 on the low lash line. 4 on the middle and inner lid, 6 on the outer lid, 8 combined into the crease, 2 on the inner part, and 1 on the brow bone. 14 on the lower lash collection.

7 on the lid, 6 combined into the crease, 2 on the internal corner, and 1 on the brow bone. 21 on the low lash range. 13 on the lid, 8 combined into the crease, 20 cushioned onto the external corner, 2 on the inner part, and 1 on the brow bone. 20 on the low lash line. 17 on the lid, 7 combined into the crease, 25 padded onto the external part, 3 on the internal corner, and 1 on the brow bone.

25 on the low lash collection. So, I actually really enjoyed this this palette last week in terms of pigmentation and performance, but I’m not really within an orange shadow mood at the moment, and I came across myself wanting to use a few of my other shadows. I’ll reach that in a moment. As I above mentioned, I do enjoy some of the Morphe shimmer shadows really.