Pink And Undecided 1

I live in a tropical country where it’s summertime throughout the year, so i’m not so sure! But i collected as much from the many overseas blogs i’m pursuing! With my new found love to keep up with seasons, this implies i need to keep my darker, plummy lipsticks and draw out brighter, noisy colors! (No, you do not understand.

It’s not like i wish to, it’s literally not just a a selection for beauty/fashion junkies! It’s just about a physical need to do so! And everything that changed in an instant, much after i converted 30 very. LOL. Maybe even though i don’t feel just like i’m getting old (and i love to think i also do not look old!), my choice as it pertains to cosmetics shifts with age group.

  • Sepiwhite FSH
  • OxyHives Natural Hives Treatment
  • Gloves: Fashion Style – Gloves
  • Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Moisturizer (for planning)
  • A pair of those 3D eyeglasses from the cinema
  • Belle dresses in a personal blue color that’s not worn by any townsperson
  • 17 months ago
  • May 3

Nowadays, i ever go out without some striking colors on my lips barely. I simply love how bright (or dark-actually), bold lip colors contrasts with my pale complexion a lot that it literally “lit up” my face immediately. As much as it aches and pains me, i gotta admit my interests in neon-colored lip colors were sparked by all the hype encircling the Korean episode “My Love Through the Stars” actress who used various neon coloured lippies in the series. Now, i actually didn’t watch the series, not one event (nor i ever want to.

= $ =p>But said before, in so far as i hate K-Pop and Korean dramas (the only Korean girl i like-except maybe for Song Hye Kyo-is Song Ji Hyo, because of Running Man obviously. But even her drama i cannot watch until the end. I were able to watch Emergency Couple for, 3 episodes i guess? Like the optical attention brow mascara, i put the sudden desire to wear a bold, neon-ish shaded lippies (and in orange-ish color family! Now, i understand that in that series, the business lead actress used only the shiny lippie and minimal eye constitute, but me with my gyaru roots.. It’s just impossible for me personally.

Plus i don’t love the way my eyes looks without vision liners, sleepy and slitty too! Do you know i have a double, tiny moles on the left top of my lips? I hate my moles, but i think i actually don’t brain one. My current favorite lip color. And yes, i am aware that i need to get rid of those ‘stache.

This outfit consists of all clothing you’ve seen before in old blog posts. Lace top which i’ve worn countless times, loose tank with 3D flowers i’ve worn here and the baroque printed skirt you’ve seen here. This is actually the ultimate lesson in mix and coordinating your outfits, women! We all know that baroque designs are more autumn/winter than springtime/summer, the dark and gold color emphasize that fact and the dense and heavy fabric also didn’t help.

But the brief cutting makes it appropriate for spring/summer as well with the right kind of pairings :D. You don’t have to keep you wintry (or in my case, wintry looking) clothes the rest of the year, you merely need to combine and match them with an increase of season appropriate style to make them work. Took this pic and laughed at the real way i stood, like a duck! I don’t really feel the need to have two of a very similar looking color though, therefore i think i’m gonna stick to this one and hunt for more orange-er toned lipstick for a big change.