What's Happening Painesville 1

After last Mondays council conference I offered a complaint I am ready to send to the United States Justice Department of what I really believe is a violation of the Americans Disability Act. I’ll document the issue with the Disability Rights Section. My complaint concerns Main St. in front of the business located at 154 Main St. The fence in front of ‘Your Vine Or Mine’.

The reason of my issue being against the town of Painesville and not this business is that the property that the fence rests on is owned by the town. My grievance is with them rather than the business. Both Mr. Lewis and myself attended up with different measurement numbers?

My numbers were assessed when two full size vehicles were angle parked before 154 Main St. Now if the town proposes to lose those two parking spaces I guess their measurements would work. Then the email started. It seemed Mr First. Lewis wanted me to be always a lawyer and quote the ADA requirements.

Now if a for income business is currently occupying a public access area, who is spending money on the responsibility insurance? Why not state the rules just? I guess me question comes down to where is the permit? How many other city in Lake County would allow this without making the business apply for a conditional use permit? Why is this business allowed to expand onto a public access sidewalk without getting a conditional use permit? Show me an ordinance which gives a business the right to achieve that so I can read it.

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We have ordinances in town that lets you know how many hens you could have, what time you can released your garbage, how high your lawn can be. Nothing as it pertains to this? The facts do I have a problem with ‘Your Vine Or Mine’. Yes and No the business must succeed for the nice of Painesville, I am aware that.

This fence impedes the pedestrian traffic on Main St. At the same time I think I understand who let this happen that represents the populous city. That person is believed by me overstepped their rights. At that time YVOM sent a letter to Ward I councilman Andy Flock telling him if he kept bringing up this problem during council meeting the business would take legal actions against him.

Councilman Flock required the notice to the town legislation director and asked Mr. Gurley what were his legal rights. Mr. Flock as well because so many everyone else assumed that since Main St. ‘streetscape’ was starting this springtime the fence would not be erected. I as much others have seen citizens forced in the pub over this.

Now to save the town as well as myself a lot of grief . Please drop a telephone call, or email to Mr. Lewis if you feel this fence is a problem also. Please feel absolve to tell your story to him. I am going to wait until Friday and then from the letter goes if no response from the ‘Golden Dome’. Final question if I go to Subway buy a sandwich and Coke may i decrease to the fenced-in area? It really is on public property? Ms. Reed be my visitor to chime in.

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