There are rumours overseas that suggest that Blackberry may debut an Android smartphone as reported in the article “BlackBerry Venice telephone, running Android, thought to arrive in November”, august 19 published, 2015 by Lance Whitney, CNET News. BlackBerry Venice verified for November release on all four national US service providers. His tweet shows rendering of the Android smartphone, codenamed Venice, running ANDROID OS 5.0 Lollipop. More of an “Android Maya job,” innit? So is @evleaks informing the truth? Or is this Social Media hocus pocus just? 419.99 Blackberry Classic – Why Americans will be ready to fall deeply in love with Blackberry” . 599 Blackberry Passport Launched – How Blackberry Blend Remote Access may trump Apple Pay Wallet in the US of the”.

I believe Facebook wont be easily dislodged as teens might think for the fact that it acquired integrated itself a lot itself in so many ways with internet that it ceases to be simply a social media platform. Interesting article. You have distributed a big assortment of cultural networking sites.

All these sites are really very important to us. We mostly know facebook, twitter, google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram. But there are some other awesome public networking sites are available for us. These sites should be utilized by us to increase our social connections. Thanks for sharing with us. What’s a good option to twitter? They keep obstructing my conservative view factors.

I liked the way you worded this information so even a newbie can understand the procedure. Great information seeking to more of the same forward. It’s an inspirational one really! But hard work is also a requirement. Just what a super, calendar year off empowering and smart post to kick the. Today I came across your article on google because I am searching for new social media sites for my business and here I came across five new social media sites on your list.

Thanks for sharing this great article. You are right Sanjeev Kumar. Today i researched top social press sites on google and this website on top. And I choose this link and follow all cultural press links to produce me business profile. I am very thankful to save my amount of time in searching lots of links.

It is becoming increasingly important for small business, as well as big business to be active on these sociable media platforms. Facebook and Twitter, but I am aware there’s a need to be go on all platforms available at our removal today. Many thanks for publishing this list. With so many social networks out there I question if adding information to all of these would increase site traffic.

My figure though is these large social networks already get most of the social sound. So would the smaller one’s even be worth taking the right time for you to create information on or not? If anyones knows i want to know. I was surprised at their content once i visited. SOCIAL NETWORKING is another big marketing large, whether it is for Business Twitter, something review at Periscope (though not everyone knows about it) or a successful ad campaign on the Facebook with a significant reach to the clients.

5000 upsurge in profits. Social media sites are big way to obtain traffic. I have created all social media profile listed here. Social media sites are among the best path to promote a blog or website, You mention plenty sites that helps me alot and keep writing. I prefer twitter in every bcz it give quality lead to my blog. Thanks for this article. There are a few of these i’ve not found out about since i started online. I think I used to be only limited to facebook and Whatsapp.

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Now i can meet new people on a few of these public network. Instagram….I sometimes use Pinterest too. Hmm, the good list you added in your article and it’s not a little list. All mass media site is very useful but Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and Youtube the majority of popular site.

Thanks for you sharing. I’m doing a research over SMM tools and found this article. Have you found out about eClincher? That’s what I’m using right now and I think you should totally give it a look. It combines Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout functionalities, it’s a significant great tool. I had been hoping to get your applying for grants it.