Evil Twins THAT MAY Wreak Further Health Havoc

As a result, Type 2 diabetes, which had been lurking in his family genes, swept up with him. Now Lombrozo must give himself a daily insulin shot and test his blood-sugar levels several times each day to keep the disease in balance. Just like the 27 million other Americans suffering from Type 2 diabetes, Lombrozo learned that rest deprivation and diabetes feed on each other: Diabetes symptoms disturb sleep, while sleep loss plays a part in diabetes. Add obesity and stress, and you have a vicious group.

Formerly known as adult-onset diabetes, Type 2 means having too little insulin (a hormone that helps your body use sugars) and too much glucose (sugar). As Americans’ average variety of sleep hours has reduced, Type 2 diabetes has become more common. Seven to nine hours of sleep per evening is ideal, based on the American Diabetes Association, but 35 percent of us get less. Thanks to diabetes problems such as restless-leg syndrome and neuropathy (nerve pain or numbness), many diabetics cannot rest well, causing their condition to get worse. But the street to diabetes can begin from the other path, too, meaning rest deprivation.

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The No. 1 rest foe is apnea, a respiration interruption caused by obstructed airways. Dr. Florence Comite, a New York City endocrinologist. About 36 percent of Type 2 diabetics have a rest area, based on the diabetes … Read the rest

5 Top Social Media Security Threats

Social media platforms akin to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn increasingly are being utilized by enterprises to have interaction with prospects, construct their manufacturers and communicate information to the rest of the world. But social media for enterprises isn’t all about “liking,” “friending,” “up-voting” or “digging.” For organizations, there are actual dangers to using social media, ranging from damaging the model to exposing proprietary info to inviting lawsuits. The rise of social media is inextricably linked with the revolution in mobile computing, which has spawned a huge trade in cellular software development. Naturally, whether using their very own or firm-issued cell units, employees usually download dozens of apps because, well, as a result of them’ll.

But sometimes they obtain more than they bargained for. In early March, Google faraway from its Android Market more than 60 applications carrying malicious software program. A number of the malware was designed to reveal the person’s non-public data to a 3rd get together, replicate itself on different devices, destroy person information, and even impersonate the device proprietor.

And all as a result of this new recreation is speculated to be even higher than Angry Birds! A favorite of smooth-talking scammers all over the place, social engineering has been around since before computer networks. But the rise of the Internet made it easier for printers and flim-flam artists to seek out potential victims who could have a tender spot in their hearts for Nigerian royalty. From there it is a short step to telling your new … Read the rest