Ashton is one of the most experienced names in Tobacco. With experience in both the cigar and pipe markets, you will taste the experience that has been gained over the years. With multiple blends of eqxuisite tobaccos, you are sure to have a pleasant smoke with Ashton.

Cornell and Diehl

C&D is a pipe tobacco manufacturing company that specializes in blending the finest smoking tobaccos the old-fashioned way–in small batches, by hand! We currently manufacture some of the world’s most popular pipe tobacco blends, including those created by G.L. Pease.


When you go exploring in the world of Mac Baren tobaccos, you enter a world full of unfamiliar scents, mysticism and good old-fashioned craftsmanship. Every Mac Baren blend is the result of a special and different recipe – recipes which are such closely guarded secrets that only a very few people know their exact details. And these details, together with our solid craftsmanship, bring out the unique nuances of taste.

Bulk Tobacco

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Beck’s Ol’ Limey Bastard

This fine hand blended pipe tobacco has been approved by the members of the Pipe Club of London. If you believe Bill Ashton-Taylor, at a recent meeting of the Pipe Club of London, who exclaimed, “That’s it!”, you no longer need to look about. It’s as rich as MM965 but all who smoke it say it’s so much smoother. You can taste the Virginia’s and Latakia equally. No sharpness to it. Just light ‘er up and enjoy the sunset with a bowl of this exceptional English blend.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Bruce’s Special

A mellow mixture of toasted Cavendish and just the right addition of cube-cut burley. Great taste and aroma.


A blend of Golden Cavendish and fire-cured Cavendish. It’s a slow burner with a fine, crowd pleasing aroma.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Swiss Chocolate

A great tasting Cavendish blend of the right amount of chocolate and toasted Cavendish.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Mountain Cherry

For the cherry blend lover who does not enjoy a hot smoke. This blend will stay lit and isn’t hot like other similar smokes.


We take Mountain Cherry and add a bit of mint to make a brighter blend. It’s still cool and enjoyable.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Country Gentleman

shop. You won’t find this one anywhere else. Only the finest Virginias are mixed with Latakia to make this one of our most popular English blends.


Named for the famed wild trout stream deep in the Great Smoky Mountains this blend smells like an aromatic in the pouch but once in the pipe and under flame it becomes a special taste all of its own. Toasted Cavendish and different Virginias combined with a smattering of Turkish make this a distinctive and one of a kind smoke.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Scott’s Companion

A truly special smoking experience. Red Virginia, best quality Turkish and a healthy dose of perique make this one of the most interesting tobaccos around.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Sunset Mountain

Once again, you can’t get this anywhere else. Raspberry, chocolate and a hint of vanilla reveal a smooth and cool smoke. You have to try it to believe it.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S Black Raspberry

For those who enjoy an aromatic with a rich taste and pleasant room note. Raspberry and vanilla Cavendish blended with a secret top note.


If you like a cup of coffee in the morning and take it with cream you’ll love this tobacco. Coffee and a spritz of vanilla.


Named for the place where Tennessee and North Carolina meet near the Appalachian Trail. This is a chocolate lover’s delight. Several chocolates and a special secret ingredient make this an aromatic that could spread from the top of Sam’s Gap and captivate everyone in it’s path!


We’ve combined Red Virginia, a mildly flavored toasted black cavendish and a light amount of Perique to get one of the most enjoyable all day non-aromatic smokes on the market. This tobacco is named for the U.S.S. Piedmont, a destroyer tender. One of our close friends served on her and we wanted to honor both ship and pal.

B&B TOBACCONIST’S  Georgia Peach

Dark cavendish richly flavored with peaches. The room note is exquisite and the taste will remind you of an August day in the peach orchard.